The global COVID-19 pandemic is a World War with a virus. The entire human race is under attack. We’re fighting back, and we need your help.

How We Will Fight: The CODAC Initiative

COVID-19 Open Data Analytics Collaboration Initiative

Doctors are on the front line, fighting COVID-19. Our goal is to arm them with the information they need to make the best decisions, by turning data into real-time insights for COVID-19.

We are working with the government and providers across various countries like United States, France, Finland, UK and Russia to create a database of COVID-19 patients. We are calling on the global community to help us gather a worldwide, publicly available dataset of REAL PATIENT DATA to answer critical questions about COVID-19:

Tests are in short supply – who should be tested?
Who is most likely to have severe outcomes and require hospital resources?
Optimal care standards aren’t yet established – which interventions/ drugs are most effective?
Who should get what treatment?
Prospective clinical trials will take many months, and so may not be able to help in the current crisis. Many thousands of patients and doctors have already battled through COVID-19, and their data tells the story. Through concrete data and insights on real-time, real world data, we can help providers achieve better outcomes for COVID patients and dispel fear and uncertainty today — in time to make a difference.

Fighting Back with Technology and Data Science

Droice was born in NYC, and our team is global. After seeing COVID-19 attack our city and world, we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. At Droice, we specialize in unlocking insights hidden in real-world, messy healthcare data and putting it at the fingertips of data scientists who can do amazing things. The tools we use every day are perfectly suited to collect and organize COVID-19 patient data from around the world to help the data science community answer the key questions that will help doctors optimize their response to the pandemic.

  • Polylingual Natural Language Processing to understand digital health information in any language
  • AI to organize data and extract clinical concepts in real-time
  • Our platform to place this organized data at the fingertips of data scientists

Who Droice Is

Droice is a team of data scientists, researchers, doctors, AI and machine learning experts from Columbia University, CityMD, MIT, NYU Langone, and around the world. Our team is global, but our leadership team is headquartered in NYC, and it reflects the diversity and can-do spirit of this great city. We recognize the magnitude of the threat, but, as our Governor said after highlighting the myriad challenges in fighting this pandemic, “So what? This is New York. There’s nothing we can’t do.” We’re determined to fight this battle! Join us!

We’re determined to fight this battle!
Join us!


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