Droice Hawk

Spend less time organizing data & more time analyzing it

Our AI powered platform ingests any structured or free text clinical data to catalyze insights that improve patient care, reduce costs, expedite research, and increase revenue


Population health

Empower insights into risk groups and assign care

  • Analyze comorbidity, diagnostic, and treatment patterns
  • Appraise population level short and long term health risks
  • Optimize resource allocation


Close revenue gaps for underbilled patients and optimize risk-based contracting

  • Isolate underbilled claims via diagnostic or procedural documentation in patients EMRs
  • Highlight discrepancies and gaps in episode coding
  • Streamline audit procedures


Easily organize myriad data sources, including free text EMR data

  • Clear data analysis format, reduce time and effort, increase accuracy
  • Conduct better quality research
  • Gain access to industry sponsored research opportunities
  • Effectively utilize unstructured data


Insights into drug outcomes across patient groups, market access and price, drug distribution

  • Real-world evidence based cohorting
  • Study cohort characteristics
  • Map disease trajectories.
  • Understand condition context and therapies
  • Gain market access
  • Drug outcome and pricing insights

Powered by Flamingo

Flamingo, is trained on over 5 billion clinical notes and can find meaning in free form medical text in multiple languages

Our polylingual Natural Language Understanding engine, Flamingo, extracts meaning in free form medical text in any written language.

Droice products digest structured and freeform data from any source, including electronic medical records, lab systems, claims databases, and pharmacy systems to create high-resolution patient medical histories.


Droice Hawk Standards

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