Droice Labs TM

Shaping the future of healthcare


Mayur Saxena

Mayur is finishing his Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University where he cofounded Ardent Cell Technologies, a cell therapeutics company entering clinical trials. Before joining Columbia he worked at Boston Consulting Group designing predictive models and precision medicine product pipelines for healthcare giants like Boston Scientific. He believes that opportunities shaping and contributing towards value based care are the way forward.

Aleksandr Makarov

Alex is currently pursuing his M.S. in Data Science at Columbia University where he co founded Droice. Prior to joining Columbia he was the Head of Business Intelligence for FoodPanda, a global mobile based food delivery company. Apart from developing business intelligence and execution teams he has led several projects at IBM Moscow around big data analytics and machine learning. He brings in valuable experience in the fields of finance and data analytics. He wants to tap into the oceans of healthcare data available and provide key insights at point of care.

Harshit Saxena

Harshit is a Master’s student in Computer Science department at Columbia University where he specializes in Deep learning algorithms. His past experience in developing enterprise products at Oracle is of immense importance for Droice. He is a passionate entrepreneur who developed not only technologies but also new market strategies for giants like GE. He firmly believes in the mission of Droice labs as it benefits patients and doctors while saving billions of dollars in US healthcare system.

Tasha Nagamine

Tasha is finishing her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, where she works on understanding deep learning methods. She also works with Microsoft Research on applying cutting edge artificial intelligence methods to speech research. In the past she has worked with several MDs in hospitals, which makes her knowledgeable about the impact of technology in healthcare.

Ashanideepta Bhattacharya

Deep is a certified white-hat hacker (version 7). In the past he has taken care of security for several financial institutions and healthcare giants including some of the biggest EMR companies in the world. He finished his Masters at NYU in Cybersecurity and has been working full time with Droice. He develops security infrastructure for all of Droice products.